About us

I have always had a passion for sexy clothing however, like many women, lacked the confidence to express that passion. With my partner's assistance I gained that confidence and the idea of creating Sexy Lane to help other women do the same came to life.

Our products were meticulously picked to ensure a wide range in styles, colours and products would be available to suit any and all occasions.

Want something naughty? We’ve got you covered. A naughty category was created for those who want to spice up their relationships and try something different. P.S. No one will find out, this is an online store. Try! 😊

We have also taken the liberty of labelling a few of our personal favourites as Lily’s Range😊. Have your say on our social media channels.

Lastly, we have a strong belief in customer service and want to offer the best to our  customers. Whether you are a guy or a girl trying to find the right product we are always available for any and all questions.

Follow us on https://facebook.com/sexylane or contact us at sexy@sexylane.co